This is the best way to devote this summer season with us. We give you 50 hours of real time training for one complete scenario where you will be able to prove yourself and others from any malicious attacks online. We have a full course of cyber security which helps you from a fresher to an expert security researcher, Its a full job oriented course


Web applications are an important part of today's Cyber world and web applications are back-bone of any organization.You will learn from basics of web applications to the advanced attacks This course will also help you learn methodological way of testing complex web applications starting from reconnaissance to the VAPT report creation,etc.


Penetration Testing with BackTrack is an information security training course made for network administrators and security professionals who wants to involve themselves with information security. This penetration testing training provide the latest hacking tools and techniques in the field and complete a full penetration test, from top to bottom


Every employee plays an important role in defending against cyber threats. The most successful attack method is the advanced threat is socially engineered email that targets employees. Just one click can damage an organization. So we introdouce our course for them we will start from zero to top so you will feel secure from any one from cyber world